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Hi, I am Srajan

I am a Tech Consultant, currently based in India.

I can build you beautiful, responsive, scalable, and feature-rich web based applications that solve real customer problems.

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My Skills

Angular Development

Vue Development

ExpressJS and FeathersJS Development

ELK Stack

Docker & Kubernetes

MongoDB & MySQL

JavaScript & TypeScript


My Services

Scalable Code Architecture

Responsive & Pixel Perfect Design

AWS Cloud Services

SPA & PWA Web Apps

My Work Process


The route to quality software comes from defining its ideal purpose. Enabling capabilities needed by the user, we collaborate with you and document all the necessary conditions. We ensure that all the requirements are met and configured in the system. Using advanced Power technologies, we analyze the documentation and draft a specified product for our end-customers. This software requirement capability will help to achieve our true vision of the product.


A comprehensive step, it outlines the plot of the software development procedure. A well-defined roadmap is drawn covering the project plan, goals, management, scheduling, and controlling the entire software along with some numerals of required labour and business machines which are instrumental towards developing an efficiently managed development structure for all the stakeholders.


The blueprint of the software design is laid down, which includes the architecture, database schema, graphics design, and functioning of the software. The design concept provides the customer with a hands-on experience. Feedback from the customer is further evaluated for refining and validating the software, hence making it more robust and productive for the brand.


The crucial part of coding is handled effectively by experienced software developers. Technologies of Access Control & Source Code Management system are utilized for well-organized and structured functioning of the software. Handy user guides and FAQs are provided for easy navigation to customers and their users.


It entails automated and manual testing on the software to examine the functioning and identify improvement opportunities. To optimize software functions, the UAT will assess the software, keeping in check the right balance between agility, control, and flexibility. Post affirmation to testing, the software is deployed in the customer's IT environment.

All the Applications go through a Rigorous Testing Phase which ensures that you receive a High Quality Software Product.

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